About us: Who we are

Welcome to Legal Group UK - connecting you with legal experts. We want to be different from other legal services, providing real value and affordable help. We work with legal professionals who will advise you in a direct and uncomplicated way. Read here more about us, our values and our story behind.
Lara Fowler

Lara Fowler

Owner & Director

I’m Lara Fowler, the owner and director of Legal Group U.K.

  • I studied for a degree in Psychology whilst working with a legal marketing company for 5 years.
  • It was clear to me that there is a huge need in the U.K. for more accessible and affordable legal services.

I qualified as a Paralegal, with a view to developing a career in Wills and Probate matters and eventually qualifying as a solicitor myself. But I soon realised that I didn’t want to just continue contributing my time and effort to working in a deeply flawed and unfair sector. I wanted to build something new.

And because of this, I created legalgroupuk.com with an aim to providing valuable and helpful information that anyone can benefit from.

Maximilian Hitzler

Maximilian Hitzler

IT & Marketing

I’m Max, business partner and friend of Lara.

  • My passion is the Internet: Technology, creating websites and making them nice and easy to use.
  • I make them accessible for Users through Search Engines and Social Media Platforms, as well as providing a great user value.
  • I worked for several companies (Allianz, 1&1, Sixt, Startups) and run own websites and do Consulting.

I am Lara’s helping hand, solving IT issues and maintaining the website technically.

Why we are different

Legal Group U.K. is people-focused. We want to make dealing with legal matters a less expensive and demoralising experience and more accessible and affordable.

So many people we talk to feel failed by the legal system – either due to impossibly high fees, aloof solicitors and lack of clear-cut information.

This leads so many to try and handle matters themselves, even by being their own representation in court cases. The result is often unbelievable amounts of stress and expense — and still losing the case.

Dealing with the legal system is a fact of life that we’ll all run into at some point. We can’t change that. But within this framework there is so much room for improvement.

Why you should work with us...

We work with solicitors and legal advisors who are experts in their field.

They won’t talk down to you or use legal jargon.

Their fees are reasonable and will be discussed up front (no hidden surprises).

They earn their fees too — they will handle the endless paperwork and red-tape so you don’t have to.